Working conditions

“The first step is always the hardest!”

…That's especially true when picking strawberries, because the first few days your muscles and joints have to get used to the unusual work. We have almost 40 years of experience and know that your body becomes accustomed after 3-6 days. Then you're one of the pros on the team.

We prepare all work steps very precisely so that you can receive all the necessary work equipment when you reach the field, saving time. Pick carts, empty boxes and crates are handed over to each harvest assistant.

Our team leaders take care of you after the crop rows have been divided up. 
A team leader has about 20-25 pickers in his team, which he looks after in the best possible way. All newcomers are given important picking tips during the first few days so that they can achieve a good work performance that is as gentle on their knees and back as possible.

Our experience shows us that after 45 minutes of work a short break increases the work performance enormously. In the morning we recommend filling water from cooled water dispensers into bottles you have brought with you. A small rucksack is ideal for carrying your personal equipment and breakfast bread.

Depending on the temperature of the day, the freshly picked strawberries are taken to the packing centre, recorded in terms of quantity and quality and then palletized to the farm.

We do not evaluate your individual working day, but your performance over the entire season.
 But if you pick less than 50% of the group after the 6th training day, you get a red smiley. With 5 red smiley's we unfortunately have to end the employment.

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