We are one of the largest and most modern strawberry producers in Germany. At our strawberry farm in Halter near Visbek in the Oldenburger Münsterland we have been producing first-class strawberries for renowned trading houses for decades.


Outdoor beds

Most of our fruit is cultivated outdoors. To accomplish that, exclusively Elsanta variety strawberry plants from our own propagation are planted from the end of March to the end of May in areas close to the farm. For more than 30 years, all strawberry fields have been irrigated with drip irrigation in a manner that saves water and are fertilized daily with the least amount of fertilizer needed to develop the plants as required.

Harvest period outdoor beds:
Approx. 1 June - 1 August


Our red berries grow and thrive in a 0.5 ha greenhouse in order to be able to offer the consumer ripe, tasty fruit as early as possible. The double cropping, planted in late summer, bears fruit for the first time in autumn and again in spring. This type of cultivation allows the fruit to be harvested very early in the spring.

Greenhouse harvest period:
Approx. 15 April - 5 June and Approx. 15 
 Sept. - 25 Nov.


In order to protect our strawberries from adverse weather conditions, our fruits ripen under foil. On a total area of 11.3 ha, we grow our strawberries in substrate containers on stillages independent of the soil. This cultivation system facilitates ergonomic working. All work can be carried out standing up and is further facilitated by a rail system installed on the ground. Our fruits also ripen earlier than outdoors because they are cultivated under foil.

Thanks to our various cultivation systems, we can offer the consumer fresh strawberries for approx. 8 months a year.

Tunnel harvest period:
Approx. 10 May - 10 October


For over 30 years, all our strawberries have been produced by Gustav Wegener & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG from Alte Land in Germany and throughout Europe. The Alte Land marketing community is upstream. The M.AL. is a producer organisation for fruit recognised according to the guidelines of the European Union. The M.AL., in existence since 1994, is located in Jork, in the heart of Alte Land. We have been a member of the producer organisation since its inception.


With our clever harvesting systems, our fresh berries are transported at short intervals to the farm, where they are cooled down in rapid cooling systems. The strawberries are then checked for quality, weighed, packaged and labelled. The palletized goods, packed in a wide variety of outer packaging, are supplied both in Germany and throughout Europe by our wholesaler Gustav Wegener & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG.

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